Understanding Algorithms


a step-by-step process that can be followed

Here are a few activities that will help you to better understand what an algorithm is and what it isn’t.

Watch a short video about Ada Lovelace (her algorithms are almost 200 years old!)

Play a game that will help you to understand algorithms better


Think about what you have learned about algorithms and apply it to your own life

  1. Think about the things you do every day like brushing your teeth, making a sandwich, washing the dishes, going to a friend’s house, or getting your hair done.
  2. Now map out the exact steps to accomplish your goal.  Put the steps in order and make sure that anyone can follow the steps.  The algorithm needs to be “followable,” remember.
  3. If possible, give the algorithm to a friend and ask them to follow it step-by-step.  Did they have any troubles following your steps?

Take a short quiz to test your understanding


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